Jo Lloyd

Who the heck are you?

I'm Jo Lloyd, north west born and bred, 40 something and a bit more, I live with my long haired Jack Russell terrier Basil, my best friend describes me as a pint sized bubbly disco diva as I'm always singing, in fact I am the lead singer in a disco band called Funky Town.

I never drink alcohol but I am crazy about shoes,handbags, pub quizzes, mini- breaks with the girls, shopping online for bargains, going for long dog walks, eating out with my partner James and I love the Twilight Saga films.

I'm mad about cars - especially my Hot Chocolate Mini Clubman called Errol.

I've always got the travel bug as I spent 14 years as a long haul air stewardess.

Share your one Real talent?

I can sing and was once on "Stars in Their Eyes"

What's your guilty pleasure?

Having a film fest! Which involves watching my favourite movies back to back with a large supply of chocolate on tap!

Your best celeb story?

Oooh well I was once at quite a posh 40th birthday party for a good friend of mine who was also a well known tv sports presenter - therefore a few sporty tv types and celebs were there including singer Michelle Gayle and Olympic legend Daley Thompson whom was there with his wife.

I found myself chatting to Michelle Gayle and another lady over drinks , the lady in question who was dressed casually but looked stunning had mentioned that she felt so under dressed as she also didn't realise the dress code.

To make her feel better I piped up with "I wouldn't worry about it, look at Daley Thompson he looks like he's just left the track!".  Michelle Gayle then turned round to me and said "yeah she knows, this is his wife!"  On that note I wanted to just disappear and quickly!

Needless to say everyone saw the funny side and we all had a great night!

What would you spend £500 on?

Either put it towards a nice holiday or buy a cuddle chair which is just a big swivel chair basically.. I really want one!


What puts a Real smile on your face?

Spending time with my lovely family, my dog running from room to room having his mad half hour and laughing till it hurts with my friends and partner James.

What one thing could you not live without?


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Jo Lloyd

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