Jason Harrold

Who the heck are you?

I was a baker in a supermarket  before I worked in Radio, however the lie-ins were short lived as I was thrust into a Breakfast Show after winning a Search For A D.J. competition, I had the ‘decks factor ‘ and I was allowed to stop poisoning people . 

Radio brought me to  Wales in 1992. I have also worked for the BBC but fortunately the  escape tunnel wasn’t discovered. I joined Real in 2009 to do some fill-in and weekend work and last year moved to the Mid-Morning show to kick-off All Request Workday.

I have interviewed the big celebs down the years , Sir Elton John , Sir Ian Botham , Charlotte Church and Catherine Zeta Jones.

A cross between Joe Pasquale and the bloke who does Bargain Hunt now you can hear me on at 9am  after Jagger and Woody rolling back the years with the Feelgood Flashback .

What put’s a Real Smile on Your Face? 

Always guaranteed to make me smile are Morecambe and Wise 

What is your one Real Good Feel Good song?

It has to be Hard Fi -Hard To Beat 

The one place in Wales that makes you feel Real Good?

The place that always makes me feel good is Tenby or Rossilli Bay or Beaumaris beautiful places 

Your best celeb story?

Being smiled at by Princess Diana at a Princes Trust concert years ago and being given a sneak preview of the 1st two episodes of Gavin and Stacey by Ruth Jones and hosting the Rugby Captain’s lunch before the 07 World Cup and hosting the Gareth Thomas Tribute Dinner

If you were a Muppet who would you be and why?

Definitely Scooter! 

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